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Here at Web Design Phuket, we know your website is your first impression to your potential customers and clients. More often than not, people will search your online place of business before looking at the yellow pages or giving you a call. It becomes essential to put your best foot forward with a modern and well suited website design.

What we can do for you


We are in the industry and already know what tools are available to suit your business. Not every website needs to be created from scratch, most ecommerce, blogs or informative website can be made within a week. The real advantage we at Web Design Phuket have, is our knowledge of how to install, run and maintain a range of online website platforms. This can significantly reduce the cost and development time, allowing you to focus on the core of your business without worrying about the rest.

Custom Website

Our Clients Feedback

One of our clients was Supplement Express, a supplement retailer company that sells health and bodybuilding products in australia. They were looking for an easy and enticing way to sell bundles of weight loss and muscle gain supplements. What we did to meet this project goal was to create 8 category pages for Supplement Express. Each has its own target audience from male and female teenagers all the way up to women and men in their 40's. We created 4 dynamic supplement bundles, with custom made images and custom made javascript animation. An example of one of their page is: www.supplementexpress.com.au.
After the project was complete, Supplement Express was pleased with our work, meeting their goals and objectives.

Develop custom websites and mobile apps

Does your business idea need a more customized approach? Our knowledge of servers, operating systems and programming languages, can help you choose the most efficient and cost effective way to develop your idea. Developing you solution on a smart foundation can save you in performance and costs down the road.

Expand your online presents with the specialists at Web Design Phuket

Make sure the search engines and your online industry’s know who you are. Our outreach specialises can form and connection between the online industry leaders and you, getting the word out that your website has valuable content worth checking out.

Refining your online presents

We can optimize your brochure, sales pitch, information, advice and news, so that your readers will be more likely to buy your product or revisit to read more.

Web Design Phuket - website & app development

Two things to keep inconsideration when starting a project

Owning a website requires constant attention

While most of the initial hard work is done getting your idea up and running, but once it is running there is a need to maintain your website or app. There are two types of maintenance, the first is routine technical checks and updates which should be done every few months, and the second is weekly content creation and distribution. Simply put, to keep your website or app alive, it needs to constantly draw the interest of your visitors and users. They simply need a reason to come back, stale content slowly tells your visitors that there is nothing new here, find your news and information somewhere else.

Your visitors experience is important

The way your website or app makes a user feel, should be the focus of your project. Creating a website or app around an appropriate theme helps increase the users experience and enjoyment. Publishing content in a tone, length and layout that best suits your idea and user demographic is key to drawing back repeated users and expanding your traffic.